What is Smart City In India? Features, Concept And It’s Characteristics

What is Smart City In India?

Now we go to talk about it but before that one question is arise in my mind and yours also, what is the smart city? It is the best concept under the smart cities mission by the Indian Government to develop the country to provide some basic needs to the people who leave in City. It includes the Technology, great economy and giving a good governance. A smart city is characterized definition.

Now we go for smart cities Characteristics.

first smart city in india

Characteristics of Smart City  And It’s Features:

The first character of the smart city is to do plan related to work for an unplanned land of any city. And the area is using to utilize maximum. And to promote more mixed land utilization of any city. And it is area based plan to expand.

The second character is to increase the opportunity to make houses, and it makes for all.

The smart city is assuring to citizens that to make growth in local economies i.e. cities by decreasing in air pollution, diminution of resource and crowd also the smart city is identifying to increase in road creation and reconstruction. And it is using for walking & cycling for local people, or it is using only for vehicles.

Smart cities are developing by time- to- time for public i.e. parks, gardens, places which are use for entertainment and also to increase in quality of public of city, developer tries to decrease in heat effect in the cities. They promote development in eco- balance sense.

Smart City developer is using to make transportation to the end user i.e. transportation make for the last border of the city. The development of transportation is based on TOD i.e. Transit oriented development. And increase development in Para- transport connectivity.

The smart city is mainly based on internet and use of it. i.e. to make the public friendly government make growth in the smart city is based on the internet and its services. By this way, the developer creates transparency between citizens and government. People can get official work as they are shopping on the sites. That means they need

smart city in india

People can get official work as they are shopping on the sites. That means they need not go to municipalities. They making e- groups listen to people and get feedback from them. They are doing the cyber tour to monitoring activities.You can make money from home called online jobs from home 

Smart cities are identified by their economic activity which is very profitable for them to do growth. It is based on their primary business which is used by them daily like craft & arts, cuisine, health, education, etc.

In smart cities is developing area founded in infrastructure and also in services. To do hard work for to make them better to the user of infrastructure in the city. In that, the developer can develop the infrastructure facility with less use of machinery and make them affordable to all users.

The strategy behind the concept of Smart City:

City Imploration:

The first aim behind to establish the smart city to develop the city regarding maximum utilization of land area of any city. It is improved city construct area and also unconstructed area of the city, and more than 500 acres of space is counted in the city which is wraparound to the city. In smart city project, they are using more application to being smart in

In smart city project, they are using more application to being smart in a residential area of the city, and it is developing by the developer.

City renovation:

This is aiming to make smart cities in India because the government needs to do development with the green evolution of the city to decrease urban heat cause. In

In this, they are aiming to the high-density rate of the city & increase it. In the smart city, they are used mixed use of the land area of the city. And it is getting maximum utilization of the land area.

list of smart citi in the india

Eco-based development

In the smart city project the government using the eco-based development to balance between economy and development.

This is using different planning tool in development like finance planning, plan to implementation, etc. and to make a land area for to make the house for poor people. What we can get for example is gift city.

Pan City

The smart city is using comprehensive application solution and management tool to manage whole city’s activities like transportation, traffic, bus stops, Rail stops, etc. they manage all activities of cities controlled by application and computer system.

First 20 smart cities where the project will be implemented:

Bhuabaneshwar Pune Jaipur Surat Kochi
Ahmedabad Visakhapattnam Solapur Davangere Indore
NDMC Coimbtore Kakinada Belagavi Udaipur
Guwahati Chennai Ludhiana Bhopal Jabalpur

smart city concept in indiaState wise Upcoming 98 smart city In India:


Sr.No State Name Smart City Name
1 Andaman &Nicobar Islands Port Blair
2 Andhra Pradesh Tirupati
3 Arunachal Pradesh Pasighat
4 Assam Gauhati
5 Bihar Bhagalpur
6 Chandigarh Chandigarh
7 Chhattisgarh Raipur
8 Diu And Daman Diu
9 Dadra &nagar haweli Silvasa
10 Delhi New Delhi Municipal
11 Goa Panji
12 Gujarat Ahmedabad
13 Haryana Karnal
14 Himachal Pradesh Dharamshala
15 Jharkhand Ranchi
16 Karnataka Belagavi
Hubbali- Dharwad
17 Kerala Kochi
18 Lakshdeep Kavaratti
19 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior
20 Maharashtra Nasik
Navi Mumbai
Greater Mumbai
21 Manipur Imphal
22 Meghalaya Shilong
23 Mizoram Aizawal
24 Nagaland Kohima
25 Odisha Bhubabeshwar
26 Puducherry Oulgaret
27 Punjab Jalandhar
28 Rajasthan Ajmer
29 Sikkim Namchi
30 Tamil Nadu Dindigul
31 Telangana Greater Hydrabad
Greater Warangal
32 Tripura Agartala
33 Uttar Pradesh Moradabad
34 Uttrakhand Dehradun
35 West Bengal Haldi
New Town KolKatta

smart city in india by modiProject Implantation In Smart City :

Project code with name:

Ahmedabad-04-6, smart component in sense of CCTV,
Ahmedabad-03-7, Slum redevelopment in Junavadaj area,
Surat-01-4, automated rent collection system,
Surat-01-6, centralisation in command and control system,
Surat 02-39, gas plant for organic waste,
Bhubaneshwar-03-38, urban knowledge system,
Belgavi, Pipe gas network in city,
Pune-04-16, street light contract,
NDMC-01-16, Mini drainage system,
NDMC-01-22, Rooftop solar plant,
NDMC-01-1 Smart toilets,
Bhubaneshwar-02-49, slum redevelopment under ABAAS YOJANA,
Surat-02-37, affordable housing project,
Surat-02-31, Smart parking system,
Surat-01-3, integrated traffic control system,
Bhopal-01-5, Intelligent street pole,
Kakinada-02-6, IT connection in area,
Kakinada-02-8, smart bus shelter& smart e-toilets,
Indore-04-68, parking management system,
Indore-04-22, implement of intelligent street pole,
Kota, dusshhera ground land parcel development,
Solapur-02-1, toilet with bio-digester,
Bhubaneshwar, construction in smart multi level car parking,
Jabalpur-03-19, development in multi-level car parking system on D.B.F.O.T naudra bridge in Jabalpur,
Jabalpur-03-20, development of multilevel on Civic Centre in Jabalpur,
Jabalpur-02-5, intelligent poles on boot model,
NDMC-02-3, design, developing, implementing on street parking system including wi-fi, smart LED, street light, CCTV camera and environmental sensor,
Pune-02-3, electronic bulb project,
Pune-04-6, 24*7 electricity project, 80%+ LED lighting,
Bhopal-04-3, imply and operate web based integrated citizen service,
Pune-04-15 centralization of command and control system,
This all project implement under Smart city project.

Benefit Or Advantages Of Smart City:

It improves the standard of living increase of people who is left around it.

It fulfills basic needs of individuals who require it. And also to get improvement in the quality of basic needs.

There is smart cities are getting less time in traveling because of smart and E- systems are implemented in the towns.

In smart cities, quality of health is improving, because of the number of hospitals and their quality.

Smart cities are pollution free. That means in the smart city; most people are using the solar system.

It is getting more improvement in social structure, and the problems related to the social structure can be overcoming by a person.

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