What Are The Security Features Of New Indian Currency Notes?

Characteristics Of New Indian Currency After Demonetization

New currency 2000 Rupees note announced on 8th November 2016 & it is first introduced by the Indian Government. It is an entirely surprising decision taken by the government of India.

Demonetization is a surgical strike on black money said by the defense minister Of India Shri Manohar Parrikar. They also say that by this movement money is diverted from the different illegal activity like terrorism and crime, drugs.

PM Narendra Modi has taken this decision to stop the feed of terrorism & Criminal, Fraud And Bad Activities which arise in India.

Now we go to introduce you to new currency note of 2000 Rs.

Rs 2000 Note New Currency Of India

What are the Security Feature of Rs 2000 Of Indian Currency?

Here, we can see in the picture feature of the new currency note of Rs. 2000’s front side. To secure understanding this there is pointing feature and get them numbers. The currency note of 2000’s color is magenta.

The front side of The new Indian Currency Notes:

1)  The first feature is written 2000 on currency, and you can’t see. If you want to see to get your 2000 Rs. Note in front of light. And it is at the left below of the front side of the currency.

2) The second one is also at left below of front side & it is implied image. You can’t see it normally but if you take your note at 45-degree angle and you see 2000 written in the square box.

3) It is written 2000 in Devanagari Lippe i.e. in the Sanskrit language.

4) At the center of note, there is a portrait of Shree Mahatma Gandhi. This is carried as per all currency in India.

5) If you have good eyesight then to watch the 5th number pointer. There is written 2000 & RBI.

6) You see the 6th pointer. And it shows the green thread and there in the green thread three words are written भ1र त, RBI, 2000.

7) Seventh is the guarantee clause which shows that the governor of RBI to promise us that they pay us Rs.2000.

8) It is another latent image which shows the Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait and electrotype watermark.

9) The right below side of the front, this shows the number panel of currency which is growing from small toward big.

10) There is right below front side of the currency there is written 2000 with rupees symbol, and it is changing color from green to blue.

11) On the right of 10th pointer, there is emblem of ASHOKA Pillar

12) This is the square, and its color is black and in it printed Rs.2000.

13) This is the 7th angular thread on both sides of a front area of currency notes.

The Rs 500 Note New Currency Of India 2016

The Back side of new Indian Currency Notes:

Back side represents four security features.

1) This is the printing year of the note.

2) There is the logo of “Swatccha Bharat” mission and its tagline “ Ek Kadam swatchatta ki aur.”

3) There is written 2000 in words in the different language.

4) There is an image of Mangalyan.

There is a minor difference between notes of 2000 & 500. 500 rupees note has the 13th feature of front side has rounded box.

Advantages of Printing New Currency In India.

⦁ Black money tracking

The first and important advantage of to renew the currency is to track black money from its holder who is hiding their money for don’t pay tax.

People who have more value of money they don’t pay income tax on the people so, this way all money earned by government counted and not- counted.

⦁ To stop Criminal and criminal activity

The Second motive, the government wants to stop money which is using for criminal activity.

In India, the drugs circulation has a high network, so more black money circulated with this illegal activity, so black money stop and the system of drugs to break.

Fake currency is also taken by the government to prevent the old money. So fake currency circulation has stopped in an economy. Indian currency also used in to feed the terrorism so by this way they stop feeding of terrorism.

⦁ To increase tax payment   

The government decides to change old currency to new currency that way black money which is not counted in income are captured by the government and that way revenue of that income acquired by the government.

⦁ To encourage JAN DHAN YOJANA

JAN DHAN YOJANA is making for to promote banking service to the Indian’s who is not know and use the banking service. It is zero balance bank account which has no deposits.

So, to change their money people needs to use the bank. By this way, they acquire deposits in bank accounts.

Disadvantage of Printing New Currency 

⦁ Cost of currency Destroy

There is arise cost of destroying the money which is old. So, by this way government has the loss to change the money. It is the loss of money because some people are burnt their money, some drop it into the garbage, some people are throughout their money in river and canal.

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