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Meaning of TAN

TAN is known as Tax Deduction & Collection Account Number. It is also 10-digit Number which is useful in tax collection and payment process.

TAN is obtaining all persons who are eligible to collect and deduct the income tax under the Income-tax Act 1961; section 203A rules 114.

Type of application for TAN

  1. New user application
  2. Existing user application
  1. New user application who is never applying for TAN card.
  2. Existing user application who was applying for TAN but, there is some issue occurred in TAN card then they are applied for the changes in the TAN Card.


  1. Company
  2. Sole proprietorship
  3. Hindu Undivided Family
  4. Firm
  5. AOP/BOI
  1. Company

On behalf of company the director of the company is making payment for the TAN card.

  1. Sole proprietorship

On behalf of a sole proprietorship, the owner of the sole proprietorship is making payment for tan card application.

  1. HUF

In HUF, behalf of HUF, Karta of the HUF is making payment for TAN application.

  1. Firm

On behalf of the firm, partner of the firm is making payment of the TAN application.

  1. AOP/BOI

On behalf of the AOP/BOI, authorized signed person under section 140 of the Income-tax Act, 1961.

How to online apply for the TAN card?

Step: 1

First, go to Official Web Site https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/tan2/servlet/NewTanApp.

click to online application for TAN
click here to apply for new TAN


Read guideline Carefully.


Then one new tab open in window i.e. titled Online Application for TAN (Form 49B). Then select a category from selection drop-down menu. Then click on select.

Guideline for New TAN
Apply for New TAN


Now, you need to fill up the form 49B with all needed information in the form. Then click on submit button.

Form 49B
Form 49B


Click on submit Button

If any error occurs in submission in the form then, resolved the error. And screen will confirm the data given by you. You can edit the data.


Form 49B fill up successfully and confirm. The acknowledgment slip will generate. Regarding payment made by other than DD and cheque.


Now, you save the acknowledgment slip or print it. And send the copy of confirmation slip to NSDL with a required document at NSDL e-governance infrastructure Limited.

Address of NSDL e-governance infrastructure Limited

5th floor,

Plot no. 341, survey no.997/8,

Model Colony,

Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,

Pune – 411016.

Track Your TAN Application Status


Visit https://www.tin-nsdl.com/. Select the service option. Click on the KNOW STATUS OF TAN APPLICATION.

Track your TAN application status
Track your TAN application


Now you need to get information about application type, acknowledgment number, a name of the applicant, date of birth/ incorporated.


Then click on SUBMIT.

Changes/Correction in TAN data

Step: 1

First, click here to apply for changes in TAN data. You can reset all data in TAN card such as company name, address, contact detail etc.

click to online application for TAN
click here to apply for Changes in TAN Data

Step: 2

Select a category of Artificial person from given below dropdown menu and click to “Select” to fill online application form.

Guideline for New TAN
Apply for changes/correction in  TAN

Step: 3

Fill up data in the form, making payment for TAN Card fees. Click on submit.

Application for changes/correction in TAN data
Application for changes/correction in TAN data

Step: 4

If the Payment made correctly then the confirmation was done by acknowledgement.

An acknowledgement consists: 14- digit acknowledgement number, applicant’s name, payment detail and box for signature.

Note: Applicant must save and print out the Acknowledgement.

Step: 5

The Acknowledgement with your signature and proof of document sent to the NSDL at

Address of NSDL e-governance infrastructure Limited

5th floor,

Plot no. 341, survey no.997/8,

Model Colony,

Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,

Pune – 411016.

Uses of TAN Card

  • TDS statement
  • TCS statement
  • Annual Information System
  • CHALLAN for payment of TDS/TCS
  • TDS/TCS certificate

Uses in Detail 

TDS statement

 TAN card is using when you are filling TDS return statement.

TCS statement

TAN card is using when you are filling TCS return.  

Annual Information System

TAN card is using when any entity under the income tax act-1961 who is doing a transaction of high value. They need to file AIS system.

Challan for payment of TDS/TCS

TAN card use when the TDS/TCS file to the income tax department. TAN is mandatory in challan.

TDS/TCS certificate

TAN is compulsory number in all TDS/TCS certificates.

TAN Specification

TAN number
TAN number
  • First four words are the alphabet. Then next five words are a number. The last one is alphabet
  • In this first letter reveals the name of the state where the TAN is issued.
  • The fourth one reveals about a name of the organization i.e. first letter of organizations name.
  • Now the five numbers reveal the numeric value.
  • The last one letter was incorporated into TAN by the system.

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