Routing Number For SunTrust Bank

SunTrust Routing Numbers List – Updated*

Routing Number is the most important number for completion of any transaction. It is used for all kind of automated electronic transactions. Routing Number is the KEY which is used for all kind of web transfer transactions such as direct deposits, net transfer, and more. If you don’t provide the right Suntrust Routing Number for transfer of money then it can create a problem such as you won’t be able to receive your payment and tracking of the same won’t be possible as the payment will get stuck in the gateway of the sender and won’t credit into your bank’s account.

Routing Number For SunTrust Bank

Routing Number For Suntrust is a 9 digit CODE. This code is one of the most important part of any Electronic Automated transaction. The universal ACH Routing Transit Number Of Suntrust Bank is 061000104. Routing Number of a bank is also known as ACH Routing Number, ABA Routing Number, and Transit Number. This KEY is used for the identification of the Financial Institution’s Name and Registered Place. You can locate your bank’s routing number on the checking, savings, or business account check book provided by your bank.

Find Routing Number For Suntrust Bank – How To ?

On the check you find a lot of numbers. Do you know that all these numbers have some standards in according to completion of a transaction or money transfer into your bank account. The numbers mentioned on a bank’s check are : Routing Number, Account Number and Check Number respectively. You can locate Suntrust Routing Number on your check in the bottom left corner provided by your bank’s branch. It would mentioned just before your account number. If you’re unable to understand where exactly the routing number is then you can also take help from the image present below.

routing number for suntrust

NOTE : If you are not provided with a check book from bank then don’t worry you can easily find the KEY from the Suntrust Routing Number List mentioned below. Wait, even after reading the list mentioned below you’re not able to find your routing number then you should contact bank with the same query and then would surely help you on this.

Routing Number Bank Address** State, Zip
055002707 SUNTRUST BANK 7455 CHANCELLOR DR ORLANDO Florida, 32809
084006952 SUNTRUST BANK MC 0-7150 ORLANDO Florida, 32809

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What Is Suntrust Bank ?

Suntrust Bank is a financial institution which keep people’s money reserved in their Money Reserves. Suntrust Bank was founded in December 1891 which has initially grown in the current year. The bank provides annual interest on the money saved by them by providing loans and EMI’s. The current evaluation of Suntrust Bank is more than a billion dollars.

What Is Wire Number ?

Wire Number is also a KEY used for tracking of transactions. This KEY is important of all kind of Wire Transfers done in Domestic as well International areas. This KEY also helps in the identification of the Financial Institution’s Name and Registered Place. Suntrust Bank uses a common wire number for Domestic and International Transaction which is 061000104.


We shared SunTrust Numbers. If you find any problems in the list of the Routing Numbers For SunTrust mentioned above then you can contact SunTrust Bank at 00 1 80078872835 and get your problem resolved by cross checking the same with them. 😀

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