Pradhan Mantri Yojana And Scheme Announcement by Narendra Modi On 31st Dec

Pradhan Mantri Yojana And Scheme Announcement by Narendra Modi

On the 30th December 2016, our Prime Minister discloses some schemes for poor & middle-class people, farmers, pregnant woman & senior citizens, small businesses. All schemes are including in new budget which is disclosing in February.

PM Aawas Yojana
Home loan & Agriculture

Home loan

An announcement of schemes by Narendra Modi is related home loan. PM Narendra Modi 2 new scheme declared under PRADHAN MANTRI AVAS YOJANA.

The PM give a present to poor & middle-class people i.e. remit of 4% interest on a loan the up to 9 lacs, & 3% interest on a loan up to 12 lacs. That a means the poor people & middle-class people need not pay the whole amount of interest.

For to renovation of a house in a village, the PM Narendra Modi gives scheme for them. i.e. loan up to 2 lakh for to renovate the home. The banks give loan by subtracting 3% interest rate on loan.


In the forthcoming 3 months, the banks convert the Kisan debit card into RuPay card. 3 crore farmers take advantage of it.

NABARD raise their fund from 22,000 crores to 41,000 crores for to provide loans to farmers. The loss occurred to NABARD will pay by the central government.

The Central government will pay interest of 60 days to the farmers who were taking a loan from co-operative & central banks.

Pregnant woman & senior citizens

Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana

Pregnant woman

New schemes related to pregnant woman that the government pay Rs. 6000 to the pregnant woman for to cover their delivery, vaccination, nutrition meals to be provided under the scheme. It is give direct into their account.

Senior Citizens

The government announced for senior citizens that if senior citizen deposits 7.5 lakh in the banks for 10 years. The government gives them 8% interest monthly to them.

Small & medium Entrepreneurs:

The banks will increase their cash credit limit from 20% to 25% for the small & medium entrepreneur.

They will also increase the credit guarantee from 1 crore to 2 crore for the small entrepreneur & medium entrepreneur.

The small & medium scale entrepreneur will pay 6% tax on their income. It reduces by 2%.

Advantage of Pradhan Mantri Yojana Schemes 2017

Home loan & agriculture

Home loan

People who have not house, they are able to construct their house. And they can pay interest because the government takes less interest.

People are able to create new construction in their home.

By this way, people can increase their saving by paying less interest to the Banks.

It helps to farmers to collect money because by demonetization so, the farmers haven’t money.

A farmer can earn more by the getting more loan fund by NABARD. A farmer can get more loan fund from government and they pay less interest on that.

Pregnant ladies & senior citizen

Pregnant ladies

According to this scheme, decrease into born child death rate & mother on a rate. Children are not born malnutrition. Mother’s nutrition is not diminished.

According to this scheme decrease in home-based delivery. So this is beneficial to their health.

This scheme is useful to the senior citizens for they don’t need to carry all money with themselves.

Small &medium entrepreneur

They are save their money because they pay less tax of income to the government.

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