Part Time Online Jobs

7 Popular Ways to Earn Money Online Jobs without investment.

Do you have some extra time? Getting bored at home? Wish to work online but without investment!

No worries. There are some ways you can do the work from home in your free time without investing a single penny and earn noticeable amount. There are lots of ways to earning money online here are some described and if you want to know more step by step deeply refer this article which will help you to know more about online jobs without investment for the student,  housewife and retired person even mom who want to make cash in their spare time from home.

In this article, we will discuss the different ways to earn money online without investment.

Earn Money Online Jobs without investment. The different ways are as follows:

1) Online data entry jobs,

2) Offline data entry jobs,

3) Copy-paste jobs,

4) Ad posting jobs,

5) Form filling jobs,

6) Whats app jobs,

7) Twitter-Facebook jobs.

 Part Time Online Jobs

1) Online data entry jobs

It is an awful and enjoying job. There are free online data entry jobs are available. You can work from home according to free time. There is no work pressure. Any buddy who is aware of the recent technology of any aged can work. You can earn 1$-3$ for few lines on a daily basis.

2) Offline data entry jobs

It is the best between the all data entry jobs. Like online data entry, free offline data entry jobs are also available. No need of internet connection is required during working. Once download the files on your pc and work up to given time duration. For A4 size paper, a company paid 1-2$. The primary and only requirement is eighty-five percent perfection. Refer This article about Offline data entry jobs to know more about.


3) Copy-paste jobs

This is the best earning job. You have just to copy paste of matters provided by server & earn lots of money. No perfection, No pressure. For each one hundred copy paste, you are given 10-13$ daily.


4) Ad posting jobs

This is the different advertisement posting job, but you can post an ad on the website you are aware. Every Ad posted by you makes money, every click you click fetching sales to the company, because of your single click. For Single ad posting, you will get 1-2$. By obtaining all the Ad contents, you can earn about 3000$.


5) Form filling jobs

Are you willing to spend only an hour in a day to earn some money? If yes then you have to do just fill the forms in online. The forms are not wide-ranging. In a few minutes, you can fill the form. By filling a single form, you can earn 3-5$.

  Part Time Online Jobs


6) Whats app jobs

The easiest and straightforward job among all. Just open particular company’s website you are work for in your mobile-phone. These type companies have many clients who want their advertisement in WhatsApp. Share their ad in WhatsApp and. Once you share any ad take a screenshot as proof. And earn money with this.

7) Twitter-Facebook jobs

The tweeter is a well-known social site; people Tweet the matter that may be a problem or messages in support. You have to help the companies in maintaining their service on the tweeter. For single Tweet of 140 characters, the companies are willing to pay 1-2$.


 Many companies like ‘HOME BASE WORK’ provide this services with the chargeable amount as well as for free. You must have to select for free and earn as much as you can.  If this article is helpful to you, please comment, like and share.  

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