routing number for morgan stanley

Morgan Stanley Routing Numbers List – Updated*

Routing Number is one of the important number required for completion of a transaction. This KEY helps in the identification of the financial institution name and registered place. It is used for tracking of the banking transaction. It acts just like a tracking number of a courier. If you provide or update anyone with wrong Morgan Stanley Routing Number then you will not be able to receive any payment in your bank account as the payment will get stuck between the payment gateway’s of the bank and the amount will be reversed to the sender’s bank account due to wrong tracking of it. Therefore, it is very important that you provide right routing number for your bank.

routing number for morgan stanley

Routing Number For Morgan Stanley is a 9 Digit code. This Code is used for the completion of all the automated electronic payments or transactions made into your account. This is the KEY with which a user can keep track of their payments received or deducted (Only electronic automated payments, not other payments like cash deposits). This Key is also known as ABA Routing Number, ACH Routing Number, and Transit Routing Number. You can find Routing Number For Morgan Stanley on the check book provided your Bank’s Branch with your savings or checking bank account.

Find Routing Number For Morgan Stanley Bank Through Checks – How To ?

On the checks you can see a lot of numbers are present. All of these are number are required and important for a transaction to be completed if it’s done with a check. Same is for the Automated Electronic Transaction, for them as well you will be required to have some Banking Numbers with yourself otherwise you won’t be able to make a successful transaction. For automated electronic transactions you will require Routing and Account Number. You can find the routing number for morgan stanley on the bottom left corner of the check provided by your bank. It will be just before your account number. If you are unable to understand where you can find it then please take a look on the image present below.

Morgan Stanley routing number

NOTE : If you don’t have a check book provided by your bank then also you can check routing number for morgan stanley’s branch with which you are affiliated to from the list of the routing numbers mentioned below. If you still don’t find your branch’s routing number then you should contact your account manager and he/she will surely help you out on it.

There is only one  common Morgan Stanley Bank Routing Number for all of their Branches. You can use 021272778 as the routing number for all your electronics transaction done into your Morgan Stanley Bank Account.


We shared Morgan Stanley Routing Numbers. If you find any problems in the list of the Routing Numbers For Morgan Stanley mentioned above then you can contact Morgan Stanley at 00 1 (888) 454-3965 and get your problem resolved by cross checking the same with them. 😀

If you still have any queries on Routing Number For Morgan Stanley then you can either Call them on the number provided above or else you can comment with the same and we will be happy to serve you with the best answer.

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