Know Your PAN Jurisdiction By Pan Number – 2017 Update

Know Your PAN Jurisdiction?

Today, I go to present the Know Your PAN Jurisdiction Officer. The first question arises in my mind when I am talking about PAN jurisdiction.Here In this article, I am going to show you How to know your jurisdiction income tax step by step guide?Hope you will read this article carefully.

What is PAN Jurisdiction?

Officer check the person's tax

Jurisdiction is legal authority assign to any person to administrate justice within a decided area of responsibility.

How To Know Your Jurisdiction Income Tax?

The tax payment procedure went easy when the online tax payment system came but, sometimes there is a problem arising in tax payment, and you need to contact to the income tax department about your tax payment issues. At that time you must know about your Tax Ward & your tax accessing officer and jurisdiction.

PAN jurisdiction means a PAN card holder or taxpayer is including under assessing officer & area.

Every PAN card holder must know about their PAN jurisdiction. Because future is uncertain and we all don’t know what is happen in future. Some people said that future worries leave in future, but this time you need to know about assessing officer it can’t leave on future.

know your pan jurisdiction by pan number?

PAN jurisdiction is necessary for PAN card holder. It contains AO code, AO type, AO Number, Range code. This PAN card jurisdiction is playing a vital role in income tax because the Pan card is an identity with its Assessing Officer.

What Is Jurisdictional Assessing Officer?

officer manage the tax
assessing officer

Income tax department has more than 3 crores income taxpayer.

So, to handle all taxpayers the income tax department has appointed the officer as per city. Assessing officer is the person who is assessing your tax payments, return, and refund status.

Every Assessing Officer has assigned area and category to do work.

An assessing officer has the power to take a decision about your income tax. The Jurisdiction Assessing Officer is allocating as per city.

So, the assessing officer is giving as per your address in PAN card. You can change your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer.

If some several reasons you shift from one place to another then you need to change your jurisdictional Assessing Officer.

Mostly Woman shifts for the marriage reason or may be job place changed you need to shift from one to another.

How income-tax department determines PAN Jurisdiction? 

Now, We all know The word Jurisdiction and its meaning.

But, today I address you about the Jurisdiction i.e. How income-tax department determines PAN Jurisdiction? 

In India, PAN jurisdiction is determined on two person

  • Defense Personnel
  • Individual & Artificial Person
  • Defense Personnel:

Defense personnel are having two type of defense service

Defense personnel PAN Jurisdiction set to default by the Income-tax department.

Sr.No. 1 2
Defense Personnel  Army  Air-Force
AO Type W W
Rance Code  55 72
AO Number 3 2
description ITO WARD 4(3) GHQ, PUNE ITO WARD 42(2)
City  Pune  Delhi 
  • Individual & Artificial Person

Other Tax Payer Selection Criteria PAN Jurisdiction as per


1. Salary or a combination including salary

2. Income from Business or combination with Business income

Office Address
Other individuals Residential Address
Artificial Person PAN Jurisdiction As Per 
A company, Firm(F), L.L.P., Body of Individuals, Association of person, Company, Trust, Co-Operative Society, Local Authority, HUF, a Judicial person Office Address

Tax-payer including individuals and an artificial person like., Judicial Person, company, Trust, Co-operative society, etc.

  • Individuals

  1. Individual  –

I) Salary or a combination including salary

II) Income from Bussiness or combination with Bussiness income

These two income sources of Individual are recommended PAN Jurisdiction as per Office Address

All other individuals are recommended PAN Jurisdiction as per their Residential Address.

  • Artificial Person

Other artificial people including a company, sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Partnership, Body of Individuals, Association of person, Company, Trust, Co-Operative Society, Local Authority, HUF (Hindu Undivided Family), a Judicial person are recommended PAN Jurisdiction as per their Office Address.

How can you change your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer?

You can change your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer in two-way. 

1) You can contact your Jurisdictional Officer for to change your address and assessing officer.

2) You can give the written application to the income tax department to change your address, Assessing Officer.

Steps to know Pan Card Jurisdiction

If you are Registered User, then follow this process.  

1. Log in to

2.If you already registered on the e-filling website Then, Choose “Log In” Option and click on the above-given option on Service.

e-filling web site
e-filling service

3. Now log in with User ID and Password and add a captcha code given in the picture.

LOG IN on e-filling

4. At last, you can see the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer.

See the Jurisdiction

Now, If you didn’t register on the e-filling website then, how can you see jurisdictional officer?

First, you need to register yourself.

The question arises in your mind?

Maybe yes

How to register on the e-filling web-site?

If you are a new user on E-filling website then follow this process.

1. Log in to

2. Click on “new user? Register now.”

New user? register now

3. After then, you need to select User Type. & click “SUBMIT”.

New user registration
New User Registration form

4. Then it opens registration form. There is to open another registration form. In that, you need to Basic detail i.e. PAN, Surname, Middle Name, First Name, Date of Birth. Then click on “SUBMIT.”

Basic detail of new user
Step-1 Basic Detail

5.It opens “Step:2 Registration Form”. Now you need to fill the information i.e. Password, personal detail, contact detail, Address, Captcha code. Click on “SUBMIT.”

It is registration form for new user
User Registration Form
fill the Personal detail into form
Personal Detail
Fill Persons Contact Detail
Contact Detail
fill Address Detail of user
Address Detail
Write Captcha Code
Captcha Code

6. Now, It shows Step: 3 The Registration successful.  

E-filling registration confirm
E-filling Registration confirmation

7. Your Login id and password are generating.

8. Now, you can see the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer by using your user id and password.

Here i write steps but if you have any query then, see this video for more understandable process.

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