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GST is the Goods & Service tax. Now, it is implied in the India. So, Here You can know about the How to Apply for GST Registration Online In India, GST Rates. You can also see detailed information about the GST Forms, eligibility, required documents for registration.

What is GST?

GST is the Goods & Service Tax which levied indirectly on the customers. it is levied on value-added products. It is an indirect tax.

GST Rates In India

The government decides to take different GST Rates in India. In India the government takes 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28% of the GST.

GST Rates In India

GST Tax Rate List
Rates Products
Milk Eggs
Curd Lassi
Unpacked Food Unpacked Paneer
Gur Natural Honey
Fresh Vegetables salt
Kajal Education Service
Health Service Children Drawing
Unbranded Atta Unbranded Maida
Besan Prasad
Palmyra Jaggery Phool Bhari Jhadoo
Sugar Tea
Edible Oil Domestic LPG
PDS Kerosene Cashew Nuts
Milk Food Fabric
Spices Coal
Medicine Packed Paneer
Coal Raisin
Roasted Coffee Skimmed milk powder
Footwear Apparels
Coir Mats, Mates Floor cover
Agarbatti Sweets
Butter Ghee
Almonds Fruit Juice
Coconut Water Industrial Intermediaries
Ice-Cream Toiletries
Hair Oil  Tooth Paste
Soap Pasta
Corn Flakes Soups
Computers Processed Food
Mobiles Umbrella
Capital Goods Printer
Small Cars Consumer Durable Goods
Sport Bike Luxuries Cars & Bikes

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN is the unique Goods and Service Tax Identification Number. It is providing after successful registration under Goods & Service tax.

GSTIN Number Format India

Here is I get you demo Format of the GSTIN Number – 24 BBBCA1456D 4 Z 9. See about the every character of the GSTIN Number.

The first two characters are a stand for State code.

After than 10 characters stand for business owners PAN Card Number

13th character is stand based on State registration Number

After the 13th character, The 14th one is standing default Z

The last character stands for Check Code. Maybe, it is a number/ an Alphabet.

Now See How To Get A GSTIN (Goods & Service Taxpayer Identification Number)

You can register for GSTIN Online. GST Registration Procedure is easy to register online by yourself.

GST Registration Online India

In India, there is any business which makes a Turnover about 20 lakh & more. that business is eligible for to pay Goods & Service Tax. so they must register for GST. you can make GST Registration Online India.

GST Registration Online

GST Registration Eligibility

The Business person who is owned a turnover of 20 Lakh Rs. or more during the financial year that business person is eligible to get GST Registration Certificate.

Those Business people who are engaged in the business such as Interstate supply, E-commerce is eligible to get GSTIN

The existing VAT taxpayer & causal taxpayer are Also eligible to get the GSTIN.

Documents Required for New GST Registration

  1. Applicants PAN Card
  2. Business Incorporation Certificate
  3. Identity Proof of the Applicant
  4. Address Proof of Applicant
  5. Two Photographs Of Applicant
  6. Address Proof of the Applicant’s business
  7. Bank Account Statement with Name, Address
  8. Digital Signature(Class-2)

GST Registration Fees

The GST Registration procedure is a cost-free process. You get the GSTIN with free of cost.

GST Registration Procedure

1. First, Go to GST Registration Portal& click to New GST Registration.

GST Registration Procedure

2. After Than the GST Registration Form is open in your browser.

3. The form contains 2 Part i.e. 1. User Credentials & 2. OTP Verification

4. Now Fill all details in the form about your business & PAN No., Email address, Mobile Number etc.

GST Registration form

5. Click on “Proceed” to complete your form filling.

6. when you click on proceed there another OTP Verification Form is open.

7. You need to Verified Both Email Address, & Mobile Number.

GST OTP Verified

8. Click on Proceed to register.

9. Now you get the Temporary Reference Number which is Application Reference Number is Valid for 15 Days.

10. After that, Click on Proceed to continue of Refill the GST Registration Form

11. Then, On your browser open a tab that contains Temporary Reference Number. Write your Temporary Reference Number & Click to Proceed.

12. Now, you see the one form which contains business details. you need to fill your business details in the form.

13. After verifying all filled information The GST Registration form is verifying by the GST Officers.

14 . GST Form Verification complete in 3 days after then The GST Officer Approve your Application.

15. After GST Application Approval the Officer is asking for More Documents/Details for to fill the Form GST-Reg-03.

16. After a week of filling the form GST-Reg-03.

17. You are not submitting a proper information or Document, The GST Officer can Reject your application.

18. If you are given all the documents within date of submission then The GST application approved by the GST Officers.

If Your Application approved By the officer than within 7 days you get the GST Registration Certificate.

If your Application is not approved by the officer due to some circumstances then you will be informed by the Form-GST-Reg-05 & you need to re-applied for the GSTIN.

GST Registration Form

GST Registration

GST REG-01 Application Form
GST REG-02 Aknowledgement
GST REG-03 Notice to ask for More Additional Information
GST REG-04 Clarified More Information for GST Registration
GST REG-05 Rejection of Application Form
GST REG-06 GST Registration Certificate
GST REG-07 Apply To Register as a TDS/TCS
GST REG-08 Rejection of Registration as a TDS/TCS Application
GST REG-09 Non-Resident Taxable Person Registration Form
GST REG-10 Application to registration of Person is supplying online information
GST REG-11 Application to extend a registration period by Non-resident/casual Taxable under GST
GST REG-12 Order to get Grant for register temporary
GST REG-13 Registration form for grant of UIN number
GST REG-14 Application of amendment in Registration particulars of all type of
GST REG-15 Amendment Order
GST REG-16 Application for to cancel Registration
GST REG-17 Application for to show the cause of cancellation
GST REG-18 Reply of to shoe cause for cancellation
GST REG-19 Order of Cancellation
GST REG-20 Order to stop of cancellation application
GST REG-21 Application to revoke the cancellation registration
GST REG-22 Order to revoke for cancellation of registration
GST REG-23 Show cause notice for revocation of cancelled application
GST REG-24 Reply of notice for Rejection of revocation of cancelled application
GST REG-25 Provision Registration Certificate
GST REG-26 Existing taxpayer Enrollment Application form
GST REG-27 Show cause notice to cancel a provisional registration
GST REG-28 Cancellation of Provisional Registration order
GST REG-29 Application of provisional registration cancellation
GST REG-30 Field Visit Report Form


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