routing number for goldman sachs bank usa

Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing Number List

Routing Numbers are of TWO Type, First – Wire Routing Number and Second – Routing Number. Both of them are different from each other and usually what people do is provide their Wire Routing or Number instead of Routing Number due to which their payment gets deducted and stuck into the Gateway of the sender. Many people searching for Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing Number might have done the same thing in near past. Therefore, i will recommend you to cross check your KEY before you input Routing Number For Goldman Sachs Bank USA anywhere.

routing number for goldman sachs bank usa

Routing Number Of Goldman Sachs Bank USA is a NINE DIGIT KEY. This KEY is used to identify the financial institution in the United States. These KEY’s are used by Federal Reserve Bank to process Fund Transfers such as Direct Deposits, Bill Payments, Checks, etc. Moreover, you can find Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing Number on the Check provided by your bank. Likewise, You can read the detailed guide below.

Find Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing Number On Check – How To ?

On the check provided by your bank you will find a lot of numbers are mentioned on it. These Numbers are important in some ways for completing an transaction. Th easiest way to know your Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing Number is to look on locate yourself to the bottom left corner of the check provided to you. The number before your account number is the routing number for your transaction. If you have any problem in understanding the it then you can take help from the image given below.

Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing Number

NOTE : If you’re are unable to find or confused with your Routing Number present on your check then you can confirm the same once with the Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing List provided below. If you are still confused after confirming your routing number from the list given below then you can contact the bank to confirm the same for your satisfaction.

Routing Number Bank Address** State, Zip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Goldman Sachs Bank USA ?

Goldman Sachs Bank USA is a New York based bank which is in charge of the New York Financial Services. Goldman Sachs Bank USA is a member of the Federal Reserve System and the FDIC. It is supervised by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

What Is A Wire Routing Number ?

A Wire Routing Number is also a KEY used to uniquely identify any financial institution. It is a KEY which is used for completing Domestic and International Wire Transfers from a bank to a bank. This Number is used for automatic Wire Transfers. People can also transfer money from their account to your account if your provide them with your Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing Number (Wire Routing Number).


We shared Goldman Sachs Bank USA Routing Numbers. If you find any problems in the list of the Routing Numbers For Goldman Sachs Bank USA mentioned above then you can contact Goldman Sachs Bank USA at 1-212-902-0300 and get your problem resolved by cross checking the same with them. 😀


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