Charles Schwab Routing Number List – Updated

Routing Number is one of the most important Code required for performing any kind of Automated Electronic Transactions on your Bank Account. Many people are using Net Banking Service for transferring of funds but are not familiar with Routing Numbers are they are required only once a while. This Code is one of the most important thing for completion on transaction as if you provide wrong routing number then you may lose your payment from the other person. Either ways for every payment you receive through someone you will require your Charles Schwab Routing Number. Therefore, it is a necessary for all kind of automated electronic transactions.

routing numbers for charles schwab

Routing Number For Charles Schwab is a NINE Digit KEY. This KEY is required for performing all kind of automated electronic payments. It is a necessary element for transferring of funds from one bank to another bank. This key helps in the identification of the financial institution name and the registered place. This Code is also known as ABA Routing Number, ACH Routing Number, and Transit Number. You can find routing number for Charles Schwas on your check provide by the bank. If you don’t know how, then do follow the steps mentioned below.

Find Charles Schwab Routing Number – How To ?

A lot of numbers are mentioned on a Bank’s check. If you go through a check of bank you will find that all the numbers mentioned on it are for some use. Likewise, Routing Number For Charles Schwab is also mentioned on the check provided by them. It is mentioned just before your account number on the very bottom left corner of the check. If you’re still unable to find it then you can take help from the image present below.

charles schwab routing number

NOTE : If you’re still unable to find Routing Number on the check provided by your bank then you can also go through Charles Schwab Routing Numbers List given below. After reading the mentioned list if you still don’t find the routing number for your bank’s branch then you should contact your bank or the nearest branch for it.

Routing Number Bank Address** State, Zip
121202211 CHARLES SCHWAB BANK 5190 NEIL ROAD SUITE 300 RENO Nevada, 89502

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What Is Charles Schwab Bank ?

Charles Schwab Bank helps in keeping reserve of money in a secure place providing interest on the same. You can save upto $250,000 in Chalres Schwab Bank Account, it is fully safe and secured, by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Schwab Bank’s High investing accounts are only available to a limited number of people who are an part and linked to Schwab One® accounts only.

What Is Wire Number ?

Wire Number is also a KEY just like Routing Number. Both the KEY’s are used for identifying the financial institution name and registered place. Wire Number is used for Wire Money Transfer Transactions only. There are 2 kind of Wire Number, First – Domestic Wire Numbers which are used for local wire transfers where the other one is International Wire Number which is used for International wire transfers. Both plays important role in completion as well as tracking of an transaction.


We shared Charles Schwab Routing Numbers. If you find any problems in the list of the Routing Numbers For Charles Schwab mentioned above then you can contact Charles Schwab Bank at 00 1 716-841-7212 and get your problem resolved by cross checking the same with them. 😀

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