American Express Routing Number

American Express Routing Number List

Many people these days are using net banking for many transfer purposes but are not familiar with many things required for the same. For example, many people just like you and me are unaware of our bank’s Routing or Wire Numbers which plays a important role in completion of every electronic automated transaction. If you ever have provided someone with wrong American Express Routing Number and waiting to receive your payment then you might not receive the same as, if you provide a wrong routing number then the payment get blocked into the bank’s gateway and may require your attention on the same.

American Express Routing Number

Routing Number For American Express is a 9 Digit Numerical KEY. This KEY is required everywhere for performing any money transfer related transaction in your bank account. The transactions can be Direct Deposits, Wire Transfers, Check Ordering, Bill Payments and more. These Routing Numbers are also known as ACH Routing Number, ABA Routing Number, Transit Routing Number, and RTNs. Routing Numbers differ for every bank and branch as every branch has its unique Routing Number for their identification. You can find your American Express Routing Number on your checking, savings or business accounts check book provided by the bank.

Find American Express Routing Number On Check Book – How To ?

On the check you can find a lot of numbers. These numbers have some standard importance for performing of every transaction. These are used for verifying the bank details and confirming them before the payment is successful. You can find Routing Number For American Express on the bottom left corner of your check. Routing Number will be mentioned just before your account number. If you are still not able to find American Express Routing number on the check then you can also take help from the image present below.

American Express Routing Number

NOTE : If you don’t have a check book or unable to check your Routing Number as you have lost your check book then you can also check the same on the American Express Routing Numbers List provided below. Wait, If you are still not able to find Routing Number For American Express Banks then you should contact your bank branch’s manager for the same, they will surely help you out with it.

Routing Number Bank Address** State, Zip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is American Express Bank ?

American Express is a finance reserve LLC which owns two more Financial Institutions in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first is American Express Centurion Bank and it handles the most of the credit card receivables across United States. The second Financial Institution is American Express Bank, FSB. It also handles the most small business loans and credit card receivables over United States.

What Is Wire Number ? 

Wire Number is KEY which is used for performing Wire Transfers from one bank to another. It is another Important KEY just like Routing Numbers. But, both are different with same means. Wire Number also helps in the identification of the Financial Institution and the Registered Place of the same. The wire number for American Express is the same as the routing number.


We shared American Express Routing Numbers. If you find any problems in the list of the Routing Numbers For American Express mentioned above then you can contact American Express Bank at 1-888391-9971 and get your problem resolved by cross checking the same with them. 😀

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